Kasich “F” word

Sunday, September 28, 2014

John Kasich won’t say the “F” word.

For months, the Governor has refused to talk about the real issues affecting working families. He won’t even say the word “FitzGerald,” and now he’s refusing to agree to debates all together.

Kasich is the first Ohio governor in at least 30 years to refuse to agree to debates. No other Governor in recent memory has been arrogant enough to say to hard working Ohioans, “I don’t have to explain my decisions to you.”

Will you stand with me and sign a petition demanding that Governor Kasich explain himself to Ohioans?

Ohioans have only had one opportunity to vote on the Governor’s record before: SB 5. And the Governor’s team remember all to well how that went.
They know if the Governor debates, he’ll have to defend his record – and it’s hard to defend policies that only work for the wealthy and hurt working people.

The Governor’s handlers also remember that Kasich has a nasty habit of calling Ohioans “idiots” when they’re not speaking for him.

Ohioans deserve to hear what the Governor really thinks. They need to know if he’s really learned from SB 5, or if he’s just gotten better at hiding what he really thinks of working people.

Sign this petition to demand the Governor upholds his civic duty, and agrees to defend his positions in front of the people he wants to represent for another four years.

Chip Shannon

Campaign Manager

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